“My art is a reflection of the ever-changing world around us, a visual narrative of emotions and experiences. Through my work, I aim to capture the essence of human existence, the beauty in imperfections, and the profound in the mundane. I am drawn to the interplay of light and shadow, color and texture, using a variety of mediums to express my creative vision. Each piece is a journey of self-discovery and an invitation for viewers to explore their own inner landscapes. In a world saturated with noise, I seek to create moments of contemplation, sparking a connection between art and the soul. My hope is that my art resonates with others and inspires them to see the world with fresh eyes.” —Jim Kalka Jr.

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jim kalka

Jim Kalka Jr.
Born 1961
From: South Bend Indiana Area

About Jim:
Jim got his inspiration from his uncle (Gene Zehring Sr.) from Mishawaka Indiana. Jim traveled with his Uncle Gene Zehring throughout Arizona from Monument Valley through Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona and up through Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon.

Jim’s other uncle (Bob Zehring) who lived in Italy who had a photo studio on the Air Force base and traveled the world taking pictures of Volcanoes, Ancient Ruins, and Underwater Photography who was published in various magazine and books.

Jim got his inspiration personally traveling with one of his uncles and talking and sharing photos with his other uncle (Bob Zehring).

Jim started his own Art Gallery with Vincent Daniels which is located in Mishawaka Indiana.